School Library


Port Melbourne Primary School is a welcoming relaxed open space which provides students with learning contexts, processes, skills as well as opportunities for wide reading, personal growth and enjoyment. The Library is overseen by the Schools Librarian with numerous administration and technical tasks implemented by a Library Technician.

The Schools Library collection provides a wide range of books and non-book material to support the varied school curriculum.  The Library is located in B-Block and is organized into Picture Story, Fiction, Non-Fiction and Teacher Resource areas.  The Library management system is Oliver Junior, an easy to use Web based system with a sophisticated search engine, which features all school resources.  The schools search engine OLIVER OPAC can be accessed by both staff and students on any computer in the school network.

Borrowing times are allocated by classroom teachers with classes timetabled in weekly. All students need to use a bag or book protector when borrowing and students can borrow for a 2 week period.

The Library is opened most lunchtimes to provide an alternative to outdoor play.