Year 6

Welcome to Year 6, 2019

  Our teachers are:

  • Caroline Farrant – 6A (Team Leader)
  • Melissa Hermans – 6B
  • Sasha Goss – 6C 
  • Darren Crawcour – 5/6D

Dr Seuss

Term 1

Upcoming Events:

  • Year 3 – 6 Swimming Carnival (MSAC)
  • Year 3 – 6 Cross Country
  • T-Ball Gala Day


What an amazing camp – perfect weather and stunning scenery. The students (and staff) had an fantastic experience where they had the opportunity to participate in:

  • Abseiling                                          – rockclimbing                                       – canoeing
  • raft building                                      – archery                                               – talent show
  • disco                                                – trivia night                                           – night walk, star gazing
  • Zip lining                                          – The Giant Swing                                 – Bob’s shed
  • Basketball                                        – Cabin songs

There was so much to do, and every child achieved something. Whether it was walking to the top of the cliff and facing their fear of heights, trying a new food, organising their suitcase, being on their first camp or simply talking on a deeper level with friends, everyone had a go! We are all extremely proud of theirs efforts and it was great getting to know them all just a little bit better.
It was truly been a fantastic week, full of so much laughter as well as challenging moments but this is what camp is all about.