Year 6

YEAR 6, 2018

  Our teachers are:

  • Darren Crawcour – 6A
  • Katie Meyer – 6B
  • Nathan Monk – 6C 
  • Sasha Goss – 6D (Team Leader) 

Term 4

Smoothie Bar Incursion!

In Year 6 we start off Term 4 in style! Recently our Year 6 students participated in the Smoothie Bar incursion where they used their knowledge and skills to create healthy and tasty treats. Thank you to all involved for making the day a huge success, the students had a blast.

Term 4 Dates:

  • Week 2 – Monday 15th of October: Miniboss incursion.
  • Week 5 – Tuesday 6th November: Melbourne Cup Day.
  • Week 6 – Friday 16th November: Ultimate Frisbee Gala Day.
  • Week 9 – Monday 10th of December: Graduation lunch and ceremony
  • Week 11 – End of year excursion: Date TBD


Term 3

Poetry Café:

In the last week of term 3, our Year 6 students held the first ever Poetry Café. Throughout our recent literacy studies, students have been working on analysing and writing different forms of poetry. This was the lead up to our Poetry Café where students spent a double session presenting their favorite poetry piece. A huge thank you to all teachers and students involved in the event, it was a huge success!

(Pictures coming soon)

Bastille Day:

To kick Term 3 off in style, Port Melbourne Primary School welcomed Semester 2 by celebrating Bastille Day. Throughout the day, students participated in a range of activities ranging from cheese tasting, Crepe making and French inspired art just to name some. Overall, the day was a huge success; the Year 6 team would like to extend a huge thank you to Miss Emily and Miss Bianca for all their hard work organising the day. Merci Mesdames!

Mad about Science:

On Tuesday the 7th of August our Year 6 cohort were lucky enough to have a special guest from Mad about Science visit. The day was split into 4x one hour rotations, which gave each class a chance to put their science skills to the test!

Hoop Time:

On Friday the 10th of August, our Year 6 students participated in the annual Hoop Time round robin competition. The day was held at the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre and was a great day all round. Congratulations to all involved for making the day such a success. 

Term 3 Dates:

  • Week 1: 20th of July – Bastille Day
  • Week 4: 7th  of August – Mad About Science
  • Week 4: 8th of August – District Athletics
  • Week 4: 10th of August -Hooptime Basketball
  • Week 6: 20th of August – Pupil Free Day
  • Week 9: 14th of September – Soccer Gala Day.


St Johns visit:

On Monday the 25th of June, Port Melbourne Primary School was lucky enough to receive a visit from St Johns hospital. Throughout the day, all students participated in a 45 minute practical where they focused on a variety of medical emergency skills. The Year 6’s were active participants in the Anaphylaxis and CPR courses.


Tommy Layiff Cup:

On Friday the 22nd of June, our Year 6 girls participated in the annual Tommy Layiff Cup. The day was a tremendous success with the girls finishing as 2018 winners. Congratulations to all the students, staff and parents who helped make the day such a success. Go Port!


Opera Australia Performance:

On Thursday the 24th of May, our students received a visit from Opera Australia.


Years 3-6 Athletic Day:

On Monday the 21st of May, our Year 6 students took part in the annual Athletics Carnival held at Lakeside Stadium, Albert Park. Overall the day was a huge success and extremely well organised. The Year 6 team would like to extend a huge thank you to all parents, teachers and students involved.




On Monday the 14th of May, our grade 6 students were lucky enough to participate in a Skateboarding session ran by the YMCA. This provided students with a great opportunity to try something new, whilst also allowing some of our more passionate skaters to show off their skills! Thank you to Darren and Miss. Anna for organising the day.


GALA Day – European Handball:

Last Friday, the 4th of May, our Grade 6 students made the trip to Fawkner Park to participate in the first ever European Handball Gala day. The day provided many challenges due to the wild and inconsistent weather. Nevertheless, the students are to be commended for their resilience shown throughout the day.

Overall, the day was a tremendous success; the Grade 6 team would like to extend a huge congratulations to everybody involved, in particular Miss Anna and Mr. Steve for their continued support and effort organising the day. Well done everybody!

Anzac day:

On the 24th of April, Port Melbourne Primary School paid their respect to soldiers both past and present in celebration of Anzac Day. Commando James Judge was a welcomed guest speaker at the whole school assembly, in which he shared the significance of Anzac day to him personally and professionally.

Thank you to everybody involved. Let We Forget.

Harmony Day:

Last Friday Port Melbourne Primary School celebrated Harmony day; overall the day was a tremendous success, congratulations to everybody involved!

Our Grade 6 students were trusted with organising and delivering the days proceedings. This involved our students planning activities which focused on inclusiveness, respect and belonging for all Australians, regardless of cultural or linguistic background.

The grade 6 team would like to thank Miss Jess for her continued support throughout the process and everybody involved who helped make the day such a success.


Term 2

Term 2 Dates:

  • Week 1 – Harmony Day
  • Week 2 – ANZAC DAY
  • Week 3 – Year 6 Gala Day
  • Week 6 – Athletics Carnival
  • Week 9 – Queens Birthday
  • Week 10 – Tommy Layiff Cup

Term 1

Term 1 events:

Cricket Gala Day

On Friday the 23rd of March the Grade 6’s participated in an inter-school cricket Gala Day that put their skills to the test in a friendly and supported environment. Overall, the day was a huge success; congratulations to all our students for their sportsmanship and enthusiasm. Thank you to all our wonderful parent volunteers.


Life saving Victoria Beach Excursion

On Friday the 9th of March students in Grade 6 participated in a swimming program coordinated by Life Saving Victoria. The program aimed to improve student awareness of water safety and survival strategies.



School Camp: Roses Gap 19th- 23rd February

From the 19th – 23rd of February our Grade 6 students were lucky enough to participate in the annual Grade 6 Camp to Roses Gap. Throughout the camp, students were encouraged to participate in a variety of outdoor adventure activities such as High & Low Ropes courses, Rock-climbing, Abseiling, Hut making, Raft building, Archery and last but not least the traditional night walk held by Mr. Martin.

Although a success, the camp wasn’t without its challenges; students constantly faced challenges that pushed them out of their comfort zone both mentally and physically, in a safe and supported environment. These challenges tested the endurance and resilience of students and prompted some fantastic responses!

Overall, the Camp was a huge success and full of memorable moments for both students and staff. The Grade 6 team would like to extend a huge thank you to everybody involved for helping make the camp run smoothly.