Year 2


Our Year 2 teachers for 2018 are:

  • Georgina McKinnon – 2A (Team Leader)
  • Emma Kovacev- 2B
  • Amy Midson- 2C
  • Poppy Sandillon ~ 2D
  • Alysha Bedford ~ 2E


Term Two – Week Four

SWIMMING and Water Safety

The children of Year Two have enjoyed some swimming safety lessons this week using life jackets and learning tips to keep safe in the water and help someone if they are in trouble, as well as jumping from the diving boards. Most of the children were brave to jump and some overcame their fears to have a go. They enjoyed this year’s swimming program.

Term Two – Week Three


This week saw the beginning of our two week swimming program. The children have had a great three days of lessons learning and improving their skills in the water with may different swimming strokes. They are already looking forward to next week!!


Term Two – Week One


On Friday April 20th Port Melbourne Primary School celebrated Harmony Day, celebrating all the different cultures we have at school. The Year Two children dressed up in a range of costumes highlighting their culture and background. The students participated in a whole day of fun cultural themed activities planned and run by the Year Six students, before eating their lunch in the beautiful sunshine with the rest of the school. The Year Two children had an excellent day and can’t wait to do it all again next Harmony Day!






Term One – Week Eight


Over the term, the children have been focusing on ‘How the World around us Changes’, specifically focusing on the stars, the moon, day and night, the seasons and the clouds. This week we had an incursion where we all went inside a discovery dome and explored the skies through a 3D experience, finding out more interesting facts about what happens in the sky and the changes we see. The Children all thoroughly enjoyed the experience.



On Friday of Week Eight, the school participated in Ride2School day. The children in Year Two got creative, dressed up and decorated their bikes, scooters and skateboards, participating in a parade, enjoying some fresh fruit and even coffees for the adults. It was a super fun morning and the children all enjoyed being active!


Term One – Week Three

The children in Year Two have settled well into their new classes and classrooms and have had a fabulous start to the new school year. They are all getting into routines, getting used to their new split timetable they are on and are looking forward to the year ahead.


The  following link is the a PDF file of the PowerPoint presentation from Tuesday nights Parent Information Session. A big thank you to all of those parents that were able to attend the night.

Yr2 Parent Infomation Evening PowerPoint


How you can help support your child at home with their reading:

Parent_Pipeline ~ Back Up and Reread
Parent_Pipeline ~ Ask Questions throughout the Reading Process
Parent Pipeline ~ Use Text Features
Parent Pipeline ~ Use Prior Knowledge to connect with text
Parent Pipeline ~ Compare and contrast within and between text
Parent_Pipeline ~ Summarize Text; Main Events
Parent_Pipeline ~ Retell the Story Parent_Pipeline ~ Monitor and Fix Up
Parent_Pipeline ~ Determine and Analyze Author’s Purpose
Parent Pipeline ~ Use Main Idea and Supporting Details to Determine Importance
Parent Pipeline ~ Recognize and Explain Cause-and-Effect Relationships
Parent Pipeline ~ Predict What Will Happen; Use Text to Confirm
Parent Pipeline ~ Make a Picture or Mental Image Parent Pipeline ~ Infer and support with evidence

Fun websites to help your child at home: