Year 2


Our Year 2 teachers are:

  • Elise Mackie – 2A (Team Leader)
  • Claine Raymond- 2B
  • Sophie Gero- 2C
  • Candice Skinner ~ 2D
  • Emma Kovacev ~ 2E
  • Georgina McKinnon – 2F


Walk to School day

October is walk to school month. We kicked off term four with a walk to school day and the children were invited to dress their shoes up (or their scooter, bike, skateboards etc). The children were given fruit and stickers as they arrived at school and are encouraged to continue to walk to school for the remainder of October to be active and healthy.



The Grade Two Sleepover

On the last Thursday night of term three, the children and their teachers slept the night at school. They all watched a movie and shared some snacks before sleeping soundly through the night. The next morning they ate a tasty breakfast before enjoying the last day of term. It was a very fun night however there were a few children going to start their holidays a little extra tired then usual.



Literacy and Numeracy Week

During week 7 of Term Three, we celebrated Literacy and Numeracy Week. This week included a book character themed Dress-up day with a parade, fun literacy based activities with the Year 6 classes and inviting family members into our classes to see what we had been getting up to. We enjoyed Literacy and Numeracy week.



‘Ride to School’ day

During term one some of us dressed up our bikes and scooters with many different decorations such as balloons and streamers. We then paraded them around the basketball court for all to see. We enjoyed sharing our creations or looking at what others had done to their wheels!



Team Building Incursion

Our incursion during first term was one that involved us using many skills to work together as teams. We worked together to achieve a variety of obstacle challenges from building towers, to keeping the ball high up in the air. We were required to use the school values of ‘respect, responsibility, resilience and excellence’ that we had been working on during the term to help us get along with our peers and problem solve. Although some of the challenges were quiet tough, we had a fabulously fun time trying to complete them with many laughs.



How you can help support your child at home with their reading:

Parent_Pipeline ~ Back Up and Reread
Parent_Pipeline ~ Ask Questions throughout the Reading Process
Parent Pipeline ~ Use Text Features
Parent Pipeline ~ Use Prior Knowledge to connect with text
Parent Pipeline ~ Compare and contrast within and between text
Parent_Pipeline ~ Summarize Text; Main Events
Parent_Pipeline ~ Retell the Story Parent_Pipeline ~ Monitor and Fix Up
Parent_Pipeline ~ Determine and Analyze Author’s Purpose
Parent Pipeline ~ Use Main Idea and Supporting Details to Determine Importance
Parent Pipeline ~ Recognize and Explain Cause-and-Effect Relationships
Parent Pipeline ~ Predict What Will Happen; Use Text to Confirm
Parent Pipeline ~ Make a Picture or Mental Image Parent Pipeline ~ Infer and support with evidence

Please find below a document containing all the mental addition and subtraction strategies we teach in class.

Mental addition and subtraction strategies
Subtraction Strategies – Mental strategies students have learnt during terms one.

Fun websites to help your child at home:

Year 2 Downloads: