Year 1

Our Year 1 teachers are:

  • 1A ~ Alex McLeod (Team Leader)
  • 1B ~ Elise Mackie
  • 1C ~ Peter Fleming
  • 1D ~ Shevani Moodley
  • 1E ~ Claine Raymond
  • 1F ~ Nick Davenport

YEAR 1 NEWS 2018

Term 1 

Welcome back to school and to Year 1! It is wonderful to see how excited our Year 1’s are to be back and how enthusiastic they are about their new classes.


Now that they are all settled, our Year 1’s have been working hard in Literacy and Numeracy.

During our numeracy lessons the Year 1 students have been exploring numbers and practising their counting skills. Our little mathematicians were provided with different collections of classroom materials, which they counted in a variety of ways. It was wonderful to watch them work in teams to group their materials and experiment with skip counting to find the most efficient way to count their collections.


In Year 1 reading comprehension becomes a big focus. The Year 1’s have been practising the, ‘check for understanding’ CAFÉ strategy to ensure they understand what they read. Throughout the week they have also been using this strategy while they read to self and read to their peers.


During our writing lessons this term, the Year 1’s have been working on finding ideas for writing. They have discovered that inspiration can come from anywhere, whether it be an experience or an object that sparked their curiosity. They have set up their writer’s notebooks and have started to collect ideas that will inspire their writing.

What a busy start to the term!