Year 1

Our Year 1 teachers are:

  • 1A ~ Alex McLeod (Team Leader)
  • 1B ~ Poppy Sandillon
  • 1C ~ Catherine Shepherd & Michelle Sneddon
  • 1D ~ Susannah Smith (Prep – 2 Leading Teacher)
  • 1E ~ Peter Fleming

Term 3 update:


We have been investigating capacity in a range of fun ways this term. We followed a recipe and measured out certain amounts of flour, salt water, oil and food dye to make playdough which was quite messy! We discovered that we need to use the right amount of each ingredient otherwise our playdough will be really dry and crumbly, or worse, really sticky!


Using sand, we also explored how much sand different containers hold. We used a range of utensils from kitchen measuring cups to plastic jars and containers. Through this activity, we were able to realise that each measurement we used needed to be equal to the last, and needed to be the same measuring unit as our partners. We had a great time estimating how many cups would fit into our containers, and a few of us were spot on!


Inquiry – Port Melbourne Walking Excursion

This term, we have been learning about different types of landscapes. We went on two different walks around Port Melbourne to see what kind of landscapes we have here and what sections of Port Melbourne are natural, managed and constructed. What can you see?


We also collected data of what materials we observed on our walk. Have a look where we went and see how many different materials you can count! What are the materials being used for?



Did you know that there are 3 different ways that we read in Year 1? Read to self is when you read a just right book quietly by yourself. Read to someone is when you sit side-by-side a partner and you both have a book to share while you read and your partner listens. Listen to reading is when you can listen to a story being read to you, and you make sure you are showing your active listening skills! Can you pick out which ways we are reading in these photos?


Learning Expo

We had our open morning in the last week of Term 2 to show off our fantastic learning in Inquiry and Writing. We were able to share our projects on the different landscapes such as beaches, cities, jungles, bushland, swamps, alpine areas and many more! We also shared our narratives from Pumpkin Soup that we have been working on in Writing. Thanks to our parents and other year levels for coming and supporting us!


Year 1 Downloads: