Visual Arts

Welcome to Semester Two 2018 

We like to think that each child who enters our Port Melbourne Primary Art Studio brings something new and unique to this space.  We hope that your child brings their creativity, imagination and enthusiasm to learn about how art and design can make a difference to each of us in our daily lives.


In Visual Art, we look at both art making and art appreciation. Children are given opportunities to express their ideas when making their art and are encouraged to form responses to their own and other people’s artwork. We focus on the joy of art, allowing students to explore a range of art elements, such as colour, shape, texture, and experiment with a variety of media and materials across a range of art areas, such as drawing, painting, construction, collage, sculpture, fibre crafts and printmaking. There are no right or wrong ideas, and each art workshop gives students a chance to do something that they haven’t done before and experiment with new ideas.

At PMPS, we believe that drawing is very important as it teaches your child how to see. This Semester each child will keep a sketchbook. This book will hopefully become their best friend, will help your child to share their ideas, practice skills, meditate, work out solutions to solve the problem and answer the challenges that they may face throughout the semester. Inspired by the Brooklyn Sketchbook Project, at end of the school year our senior students will create a sketchbook library and open our studio space for all to see.

Handy Hints:

  • Our Visual Arts program is taught by Kate Thompson (Miss Kate).
  • Our studio is located behind the Prep classrooms.
  • Students have Visual Arts once a week for an hour.
  • Semester  One-  Grade P,1,4 & 5  Semester Two- Grade: 2, 3 & 6.
  • Sometimes we ask for donations. Our Studio is currently under construction and has limited storage. When we need items such as magazines, boxes or fabric, we will communicate via a Konnectivewish list.

Places to see & Galleries to check out:


Our Studio Sketchbook Gallery


Tracing paper is one of those hidden secrets no one tells you about when it comes to refining your work. -Grade One