Prep (Foundation)

 Welcome to Prep 2018!

Our 2018 Prep team:

Prep A – Kristen Cutting (Team Leader)
Prep B – Ariane De Pieri
Prep C – Lizzie Parmar
Prep D – Nicole Welsh
Prep E – Emily Fenn

The Teddy Bears’ Picnic

In Term one we had a Teddy Bear’s Picnic. The Preps all brought a Teddy Bear or soft toy from home. We had a Teddy Bears Picnic under the shade of the trees, sang songs and did maths activities involving measuring and sorting with our toys.

100 Days of Prep.

Every day in Prep each class counts towards the 100th Day of school. We are counting up to day 100 when we will have a special celebration. We add a number each day and represent it in lots of different ways. This reinforces maths skills including place value (breaking numbers into hundreds/tens/ones), patterns, counting strategies and number fluency. We also take special notice of how the days, months and seasons change over time.




We’re Going to the Zoo

We had a wonderful day at the Zoo observing lots of different animals. This really helped us to answer our inquiry questions ‘What are the needs of living things?’ We found out all about their different habitats, diets and coverings and had lots of fun!
Term 4 Inquiry Topic
This Term we will be finding out all about living things.
We will try to  and answering wonderings which will help us descover ‘What are the needs of living things?’
Each Prep class has been gathering questions about living things that they would like to find out the answer to.
100 Days!!!

Can you believe it was 100 days ago when we frist started Prep?! Thank you to everyone for dressing up as 100 year olds, it made the day extra special.



Fun with Robots

As part of our Science Day we learnt how to program a ‘beebot’. We learnt how to program a series of instructions into the beebot. This made an algorithm that would send the robot where we wanted it to go.



This week we went to the hall to watch a performance by Taikoz, a group who were playing Japanese drums and instruments. It was very loud and exciting and we all enjoyed joining in with the different chants and rhythms.


We Are Scientists!

During this term we have been exploring the world around us through science. We have done science experiments in our classrooms and have been learning how to make predictions, record results and make observations. We also had a visit from Professor Bunsen who demonstrated many exciting chemical changes and all the different reactions that can happen when energy moves.

The Teddy Bear’s Picnic

In week 6 we had a ‘Teddy Bear’s Picnic’ where the children ate their snack outside with their special teddy bears. We had lots of fun organising and sorting our toys in different ways and sharing why they were special to us.


Learning some new dice games

We have been learning some new dice games in Prep and practicing working and playing with a partner – taking it in turns, sharing equipment, setting up our games and packing away. We have recently learnt how to play ‘Get out of my house’. When we are playing dice games in Prep we always ‘roll for our partner’ and have special ways of rolling to keep the dice under control such as rolling ‘into the cave’.

What dice games do you like to play at home? Maybe you would like to show someone in your family how to play ‘Get Out Of My House!’

Some Great Magic Word Ideas for the Holidays

Below are some great ideas to help practise the Magic Words over the break (click on the link to download):

All the bingo sets have flashcards as well that can be printed out to call out words or play games such as memory, snap and tic tac toe.