Physical Education & Sport

The Physical Education Program at Port Melbourne Primary School, linked to the Victorian Curriculum is aimed to generate a level of well being, encompassing fitness and enjoyment of physical activity. We aim to contribute to a happier, healthier and more successful school, inclusive of pupils who have greater confidence, developed social competencies and self-esteem. This is achieved through developing fundamental motor skills and involving students as skilled participants in challenging play, games, dance, leisure, recreation and additional sports such as athletics, netball, basketball, hockey, volleyball, gymnastics, aquatics and more. Students also have opportunities to participate in numerous Gala days throughout the school year, to compete against local schools. Students who excel in sporting endeavors also have opportunities to participate in state representative teams at national School Sport Australia events.

Swimming is conducted for students in Year Prep to Four as an intensive program at MSAC and Year 5 and 6 students participate in a Life Saving Program by Lifesaving Victoria. All students participate in a 60 minute Physical Education session with the PE teacher and an additional 60 minutes with their class teacher each week as per the new Victorian Curriculum. In addition to the aforementioned, extra-curricular clubs and before/after school training sessions are ran by parents and staff over the course of the year to support student sporting development.


In Term one and two, students in years Prep-2 will complete a Fundamental Motor Skills program, be introduced to gymnasium rules and routines as well as fun games. Fundamental movement skills are a specific set of skills that involve different body parts such as feet, legs, trunk, head, arms and hands. These skills are the “building blocks” for more complex and specialised skills that kids will need throughout their lives to competently participate in different games, sports and recreational activities.

Years 3-4

In Term two students will begin with hockey and then a great four week opportunity benefiting from our Sporting Schools programme in AFL. Students will then prepare for Jump Rope for Heart day. Selected children will also represent the school in the District Cross Country on the 12th May. Students will take part in the Jump Rope for Heart Day on the 23rd June.

Grade 5-6

In Term two students will begin by consolidating their hockey preparation ready for Hockey Gala Day on the 28th April and then commence AFL. Selected children will also represent the school in the District Cross Country on the 12th May. Students will take part in the Jump Rope for Heart Day on the 23rd June.

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Parent school sport committee:

Port Melbourne Primary School has established a parent sport support committee in 2017 where interested parents can assist with supporting a sport of their choice i.e basketball, netball, swimming etc. Parents will assist staff at their respective sport Gala Day’s or school representative events as coaches, support etc. If you are interested in joining Port Melbourne Primary School’s parent sport support committee, please contact Jo Ritson on

Important Dates

Term One ·       Tuesday Feb 28th: 3-6 Athletics Carnival

·       Friday March 3rd: District Swimming (3-6s)

·       Friday March 10th: Beachside division swimming

·       Friday March 10th and 17th Grade 3 and 4 Hockey Clinic

·       Sunday 12th March Weet-Bix Tryathlon

·       Friday March 17th: 5/6 Netball Gala Day/ School Fun Run/ Ride to School Day.

SSV Nominations deadline 14th March

Term Two ·       Friday April 28th: 5/6 Hockey Gala Day

·       House Cross Country (t.b.c)

·       Friday 12th May District XC

·       Friday 23rd June Jump Rope

Tommy Cup 29th June

Term Three ·       1st and 23rd August: 3/4 Hooptime

·       4th and 28th August : 5/6 Hooptime

25th July Grade 3-6 Beachside Soccer

·       28th July Grade 6 Netball School Championships (SNHC)

·       Friday August 25th: District Athletics

·       Friday September 8th: 5/6 Soccer Gala Day

11th – 22nd September Foundation Swimming MSAC Programme

Term Four ·       Friday October 13th: 3/4 Soccer Gala Day

·       Friday November 3rd: 5/6 Volleyball Gala Day

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