Performing Arts


Students in Year 2, 3 & 6 will attend Performing Arts classes during Term 1 and 2 this year. All other year levels will have Visual Arts classes until we swap at the beginning of Term 3.

The major focus for Term 1 across all classes is Drama curriculum. We will explore ways of successfully interacting with others through games and activities that include a range of social skills and are appropriate to individual year levels and groups. We’ll move our focus to Music in Term 2.

Year 2 Drama students will practice working co-operatively with other class members through activities designed to promote trust and responsibility. Dialogue will become a tool for communicating emotion, as they experiment with scenes from picture storybooks.

Year 3 Drama students will participate in games that encourage successful interaction with people outside their immediate friendship groups. They will explore methods of silent communication, and participate in a range of improvisation activities.

Year 6 Drama students will explore improvisation, scriptwriting and classroom performance. They will experiment with voice, in written and spoken form.

Instrumental Music

At PMPS, students can learn to play the keyboard, guitar or violin by having lessons at school. The building program at school this year means that available space is very short. Instrumental music lessons will only be held on school property after 3.30pm this year.

Please contact the school Office on 03 9646 1001 for information about violin teachers.

Contact Creative Music directly for guitar & keyboard lessons on T: 9818 2333