Performing Arts

PERFORMING ARTS PROGRAM … What’s coming up in Term 3?

Students in Prep, Year 1, Year 4 and Year 5 have swapped from Visual Arts and will now attend Performing Arts classes for the remainder of 2018.  It’s been lovely to catch up with all of you in the Drama Room since Term 3 began!  And I’m sure Miss Kate is experiencing the same in the Art Room with her new classes.


The major focus for Term 3 across all classes is Drama curriculum.  We will explore ways of successfully interacting with others through games and activities that require a range of social skills and are appropriate to individual year levels and groups.  Year 4 will do all this within the context of preparing for and performing the annual PMPS Production, Cinderella – What a Ball!  We’ll move our focus to Music in Term 4.

Prep Drama students will participate in activities that include imaginative play, acting and playing games together in a friendly manner, while focusing on the core values of kindness, friendliness and co-operation.

Year 1 Drama students will practice working co-operatively with other class members through games designed to promote trust and responsibility.  Students will act out scenes from picture storybooks as they discover characters, sequence and how drama tells stories too..

Year 4 Drama students are preparing to perform this year’s production, Cinderella – What a Ball!  Before the Term 2 holiday break, the Speaking Cast were auditioned and selected, and started learning their scripts.  We had our first read through of the show last week, and are looking forward to a hilarious and highly entertaining show.  In class last week, we started auditions for Lead Singers (they sing into a microphone).  Successful Lead Singers will be announced in Week 3. Please check on Compass in Week 3.  We also started learning the title song, Cinderella, and are making great progress!  Production Workshops will take place in Week 4 on Tuesday 7th & Thursday 9th August.  Meeting John & Alison who have written and choreographed the show will be great fun and highly motivating, and I hope all Year 4 students will be in attendance.

We look forward to many families attending the production at 7pm on September 4th & 5th at Phoenix Theatre, Elwood Secondary College.  Although Year 4 students make up the cast, ALL PMPS families are invited to attend.  It’s a great night of family friendly entertainment that we’re keen to share with the broader school community! Keep an eye out for posters around the school or on Compass in the Week 3, Term 2 for ticket prices and how to buy them.


Year 5 Drama students will participate in activities designed to enhance group identity, and then complete a unit on improvisation.  Later in Term 3, we’ll work on story-telling and communication through scripts.  All activities are designed to promote successful interaction with people outside their immediate friendship groups to broaden their social sphere.

Modern Choir at PMPS

Modern Choir started rehearsing with Miss Jessica in Term 2 and are making progress towards performances to take place later this year.  Once a new rehearsal time is negotiated for Term 3, we’ll let you know when rehearsals will start again.  And we’ll confirm the performances, too.  Watch this space!

Instrumental Music

At PMPS, students can learn to play the keyboard, guitar or violin by having lessons at school. The building program at school this year means that available space is very short. Instrumental music lessons will only be held on school property after 3.30pm this year.

Please contact the school Office on 03 9646 1001 for information about violin teachers.

Contact Creative Music directly for guitar & keyboard lessons on T: 9818 2333