Notre Programme De Francais


Since introducing the French language and culture as our choice for language learning at Port Melbourne Primary School, we are in the seventh year of our ever developing and evolving French program. Discovering more and more about what it means to be French and its culture with our students, Port Melbourne Primary School strives to deliver authentic and meaningful language learning experiences, engaging in the culture embedded within a language. We aim to inspire an interest in the French speaking culture, people and places, providing skills across all learning domains, that will endure and encourage our students to continue with a lifelong love for learning languages and respect for other cultures.

Click to learn more about the reasons why we learn French at PMPS: 10GoodReasonstoLearnFrench

At Port Melbourne primary school, French is taught once a week in one hour sessions from Prep to Year 6, equating up to 40 hours of language learning in a year. Students at Port Melbourne Primary, through our French program, moving from Prep to Year 6 will have the opportunity to experience up to 280 hours of foreign language learning.

Scope and sequence

Here is our Scope and Sequence design for our school, showing the progression and accumulation of knowledge, understanding and skills our language units aim to achieve according to the Australian Languages Curriculum. It is intended to build on previous knowledge and provide opportunities to consolidate and extend our students learning experiences. Click on the link below to access and see where your child’s learning pathway fits in within our languages curriculum design.

Scope-and-sequence-bilingual-2019.docx (23 downloads)