Nos Profs


Our French program is led by our two language teachers, Madame Emily and Madame Bianca.



Madame Emily has always loved learning languages. Growing up in the UK, one of her earliest memories was being on holiday in France and wanting to understand what her French friend on the climbing frame was saying to her. As part of Emily’s teacher training, she spent a month teaching in a French school in Amiens near Paris. She really enjoyed working with the children there and being immersed in the French culture. Emily can’t wait to share her enthusiasm for French throughout the school from Prep to Year 6. She loves all things musical so will enjoy bringing this into the classroom. Emily is also a real foodie so she is looking forward to the French food topics coming up!

Madame Bianca studied French throughout high school and university. She was lucky enough to spend a few months on exchange living with a family in France. You may remember Madame Bianca as a student teacher at PMPS with the 2014 Grade 2s. After completing her primary teaching degree, Madame Bianca spent a year teaching primary school French at a school near Geelong. She enjoyed it so much that she decided to continue teaching French!