Berthe Mouchette


Port Melbourne Primary School is a regular participant in the Berthe Mouchette poetry competition held by the Alliance Francaise. The competition involves learning, memorising and reciting in front of a judge in French and is offered to all our students from Grade 3-6. All participants always enjoy the challenge and are proud of their achievements. Even just participating is a testament to their resilience to represent the school and learn a language.

The competition takes place in early June. The cost is $5.20 per child.

Feel free to ask Madame Emily or Madame Katelyn about future competitions or visit Alliance Française for more information.


This year, we had over 70 participants enter the Berthe Mouchette. Everyone performed brilliantly and 4 students were chosen to represent the school in the finals on Sunday 6th August!

Our four finalists, who achieved a perfect score of 20/20 were Olivia Harvey, Eliza Davidson, Kiki Stevens and Nitya Gopalakrishnan.

A special mention to those students who achieved 19/20: Nina Buchler, Jamela Osman, Charlie Dolan, Scarlett Marshall, Carson Thomas, Fletcher Thomas, Madelyn Brown, Akoko Minifie, Natalia Vucic, Sophia Gregorevic and Finn Wright. Bravo!