School Profile

Port Melbourne Primary School is situated about 3km west of the CBD and has a current enrolment of 720. Enrolments have fluctuated over the years but have experienced sustained growth over the past nine years, increasing from 173 students in 2006. Enrolments are likely to increase by about fifty students a year until the new South Melbourne Lake Primary School is opened in 2018.  The majority of students reside in Port Melbourne, Garden City and Southbank, although several families in South Melbourne are currently “zoned” to PMPS.  Hopefully, the new school, when opened, will cater for the South Melbourne and Southbank families that are currently zoned to PMPS.  The original school building, constructed in 1890, has been extensively renovated to house the administration area as well as five open plan learning spaces.

A new building incorporating a Library, an Art Room and six open plan learning spaces was completed in 2009, while a building comprising a Multi-purpose Hall, a Music Room and two open-plan learning spaces was completed in 2010. Two multi storey classroom blocks were completed in 2011. In 2014 a third multi storey classroom block was installed, and the school ovel underwent a $100 000 upgrade. All grades are timetabled in open-plan learning spaces. As enrolments have increased, the school has moved from a relatively low Student Family Occupation Index of about 0.80 to an index of about 0.28, with about 21% of families being Healthcard Holders, and about 20% of students coming from Non-English Speaking Backgrounds.

The school is an active member of the Northern Lights cluster, a group of five local primary schools who work co-operatively to improve student learning outcomes in our area. Port Melbourne Primary School strives to provide an exciting, challenging and caring learning environment that motivates children, provides them with the opportunity to maximise their potential and equips them with the necessary skills, values and knowledge to become valued members of the community. At Port Melbourne Primary School, we appreciate the importance of the whole school environment and community – our people, buildings, grounds, and belongings. Implementing the following values underpins the culture of our school.

Respect – This includes self respect and recognising the interdependence of the members of our school community, and is demonstrated by showing consideration, tolerance, understanding and patience in all relationships.

Resilience – This means that school community members, as individuals, are able to respond creatively to challenging situations through engagement, persistence, and perseverance.

Responsibility – This means that school community members, through self discipline, dependability, independence, helpfulness and teamwork, support others and themselves to achieve outcomes for the greater good of the community.

Excellence –  This means that we are all encouraged and challenged to achieve our best and maximise our potential in all facets of school life.